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Upfront, I want you to know I have political anxiety. While I don’t live in Virginia, just like hundreds of thousands of citizens who do, my angst is real, almost clinical. Virginia’s is a government seemingly out of control.

I’m at the same time frightened, disillusioned, and paranoid about the extent to which the Governor and Democrat-controlled legislature are going to reshape Virginia. Like many states, Virginia has a lot of issues, and after taking control, the progressives have gone wild with sweeping legislation to control speech, guns, and social norms. Historic statues that tell the story of Virginia, good and bad, are targets for elimination.

The Commonwealth is a microcosm of what America is becoming. In fact, California, Oregon, Washington, New York, and Minnesota are jealous at the pace of change instituted by radical Democrats in Virginia. The envy is off the charts. Under Governor Ralph Northam the Democrat government has set about to revamp the state, including it seems, its constitutional rights.

Virginia is one of the 13 original colonies. It has a geographic and historically important position in the founding of America. The state is adjacent to the District of Columbia and is home to countless bureaucrats, DC lawyers, lobbyists and insiders, and a growing base of liberal progressives.

The state spans from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains and has a long Atlantic coastline. Sporting historic landmarks including Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s Charlottesville plantation, the Jamestown Settlement, and Colonial Williamsburg are living-history museums that tell the story of Colonial and Revolutionary-era life, including yes, slavery.

The long history of Virginia is littered with greatness, as well as blunders, which merge to create a red hot crucible for modern debate.

It has taken several decades for Democrats to grab control of Virginia. The social engineers who couldn’t care less about maintaining a historic Virginia are literally in the process of tearing it down.

The engine for the remodeled state is the Democrat party, highjacked and controlled by social engineers hellbent on rewriting history and implementing new standards for governance, life, and behavior that run counter to the long history of the people and families of Virginia.

Since the takeover by Democrats and the signing into law of their multiple legislative enactments, the angst I feel is nearing clinical proportions. What is this angst of which I speak? In short, it’s the same sense of betrayal and abandonment being experienced by traditional Virginians as they watch life being redefined by the government.

My angst over Virginia is the same sense of betrayal Americans are experiencing as they watch liberal cities go up in flames, literally. It’s an anxiety disorder that redefines who we are, who I am, who you are…it’s a political reassignment of individual and collective identity.

Frankly, I’m supportive of Virginia’s pro-American citizenry that stands on constitutional principles in defense of personal liberty. Richmond is now home to an unending parade of rallies and protests from all sides. The tension is thick. The stakes are high. The emotions are raw.

For now, I’m dedicating myself, iVoteVirginia, and iVoteAmerica to coalescing and defending the true message of conservative values, principles, and power of limited government, free markets, and personal liberty.

My message to Virginians is simple. You’re right to be alarmed. The state you have known and loved is under siege from the radical left and they will stop at nothing. There is no history they will not rewrite, no legislation they will not enact, and no executive order they will not sign to control Virginia. Big, intrusive, all-consuming government is always about control and never about freedom.

In an odd way, I hope my angst continues to prod me. Emotions are a good thing because they tell us something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong in Virginia, and I hope I can help.
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